Welcome to the Wonder

The Wonder is back this December and we can’t wait to see you!!

The Wonder has been an incredible experience over the past 6 years, welcoming thousands of guests and filling them with Christmas cheer and hope. The show usually has over 350 volunteers involved from ushering and welcoming guests, to performing in the choir and in the cast.

Saturday 4th 10am • 1pm • 4pm • 7pm
Sunday 5th 10am • 1pm • 4pm
Saturday 11th 10am • 1pm • 4pm • 7pm
Sunday 12th 10am • 1pm • 4pm

We look forward to welcoming you to The Wonder 2021, where we will be back bigger and stronger than ever.

For any questions in the meantime, please email info@soulchurch.com

The Wonder

Looking to get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved - click below to sign up for auditions or help in other areas!

The Wonder

Can’t wait until December?

You’re welcome to join us for our online services at SOUL Church.

Are service times are 8:30/10:30/12:30 in person and streamed online 10:30am and 5:00pm

Visit www.facebook.com/soulchurchuk

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A Christmas Celebration

Join us this Christmas for the celebration of the year

The Wonder Experience

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Why Choose The Wonder?

Come on down a celebrate at this special time of year!

The Wonder

Our Gift To You

The Wonder is a way that SOUL Church gives back to the local community.

The Wonder

The Show

Our show has something for everyone, from acting to dance and comedy!

The Wonder

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The Wonder is a true celebration of all things Christmas.